Clever Diy Home Improvements – The Stairs

DIY home improvements are easy to do yet make your home look more personalized as well as inviting.  If you think you do not have necessary skills to accomplish them, you can always hire a handyman to help you with some of the carpentry and installation works.  There are some space in your home that are hardly used and are simply considered as dead spaces, like the under area of your staircase.  With simple carpentry, you can make this space much more useful.

Bookshelf – if you love reading books and that you have a ton of collections, why not create a bookshelf under your stairs.  After all, if you are passionate about books, then why not display all the book collection you are proud of.  This type of home improvement will give your home a more personalized appearance.  Your guests will even admire your home improvement ingenuity.

diy-home-improvementReading Nook – if you love reading books but do not want to convert your stairs into a bookshelf possibly because you already have one where you keep your favorite books, then why not turn your stairs into a reading nook.  Add in a small bed or mattress under that stairs with some pillows to give your comfort and a reading light atop and you are good to go.  The space may look cramped but it will surely be great as a reading area and that it makes your home look cozier.

Wine Rack – if you are not a fan of reading but maybe are a fan of fine wine, then why not convert the under area of your stairs into a wine rack.  You can definitely store a number of wine bottles in that area.  Complete the project with a protective door with a see-through glass so you can admire your collections even when the door is closed.  Guests who are equally fond of wine will certainly appreciate and may even get in awe of your collection.

Storage Area – if you do not like any of the ideas earlier mentioned, the simplest way to make use of the dead space underneath your staircase is to convert the area into a storage space.  Adding shelves or pullout drawers on that area will provide your home extra storage area where you and your family can store shoes, golf bags, travel bags, and many other stuff.

Clever Home Improvement Projects For The Kitchen

Home-improvement_2252766bThe kitchen area is possibly the most used and abused part of the home.  Most family spends more time in the kitchen than they do on the living area.  This is the area where food is both prepared and cooked.  Sometimes, this is even the area where the family eats their meal as the dining area is only used for more formal occasions.

If you are the type that spends a lot of time in the kitchen area, there are plenty of home improvements you may want to consider.  These home improvement ideas are not only clever, but that some of them are very easy and cheap to make.

  1. Baseboard Shelf – if you are complaining about lack of storage space in your kitchen area, then you should consider having your kitchen cabinets replaced or redesigned so you are able to maximize the space available. One way of adding more storage space in your kitchen cabinets is utilizing the baseboard part and turning it into a pull-out shelf.  This enables you to make use of this seeming unused space so it can be used for something more useful.
  2. Double Drawer Dishwasher – this can be quite useful if you have a large family in the home and use a lot of dinner and kitchenware. If your current dishwasher is almost ready to give up and that you are planning to buy a new one, consider this upgrade because it allows you to load at one drawer while the other drawer washes.
  3. Trash Chute – instead of having a trash bin exposed and placed on some corner of the kitchen, why not have a trash chute where you can simply dump your trash. Since a trash can lays directly underneath the shoot, you are able to put your trash away without the trash can being displayed anywhere in the kitchen.
  4. Magnetic Strips – these can be purchased in DIY shops and home depots. You can install them atop your countertop and use it to store your kitchen knives.  As long as your kitchen knives are made of iron, you can simply stick them into the magnetic strip to tuck them away.  This way, you get less clutter when you are preparing meals.
  5. Mini Fridge – if you have a kitchen island in your kitchen area, have a mini-fridge incorporated in the design. You can use this mini-fridge to store your more personal stuff like wine, drinks, chocolates, and even medicines.